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Your Security in Online Banking Posted in Electronic Banking, Internet Safety, Safety & Security | February, 2018 print friendly version

Consumer electronic transactions are protected under Regulation E. In brief, Reg E” sets rules, liabilities and procedures for electronic transactions and establishes consumer protections. A summary of your protections, rights, and liabilities under Reg E” can be found in the brochure titled YOUR DEPOSIT ACCOUNT that we gave to you when you opened your account. If you would like another copy, please Contact Us or stop in at either of our branch offices, and we will provide you with another brochure.
Business electronic transactions are protected under the Uniform Commercial Code as well as by state laws. A summary of these protections, rights, and liabilities can be found in the brochure titled UNDERSTANDING YOUR BUSINESS ACCOUNTS which you received when opening your account. Contact Us to request another copy of this brochure.
Salem Co-operative Bank is committed to preserving and protecting your information and will NEVER telephone you, send you an email, or otherwise ask you for your Online Banking credentials on an unsolicited basis.
To minimize risks resulting from Identity Theft or Identity Fraud, we recommend using precautions listed below for our customers who use Online Banking.
In addition to the above, Business Online Banking customers can minimize their risks by:
Please Contact Us if you notice suspicious account activity or experience customer information security-related events. 

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