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Identity Theft Posted in Identity Theft, Safety & Security, Scams & Fraud | March, 2018 print friendly version

IDENTITY THEFT is a crime. The Department of Justice defines Identity Theft and Identity Fraud as a crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person’s personal data in some way that involves fraud and deception, typically for economic gain. Valuable personal data includes your Social Security Number, your bank account number, your debit card and credit card numbers, and other identifiers that are unique to you.  
If you think you are a victim of IDENTITY THEFT, please Contact Us immediately. You can also find helpful information at these websites:
The Bank will NOT contact you by phone, e-mail or website to request your social security number, account number, passwords or PINs. However, if you call us, we may ask for information to confirm your identity.
Contact your financial institutions and credit card companies to close your accounts. The FBI suggests that you place passwords (not your mother’s maiden name, etc.) on any new accounts you open.
Contact the three major credit bureaus (numbers shown below) to tell them your identity has been stolen. Request that a FRAUD ALERT be placed on your file and that no new credit be granted without your approval.
Call the Social Security Fraud Hotline: 800-269-0271
Change all your passwords, especially with the banks you use online services with.
Contact all your creditors to let them know you have had an issue with ID Theft.
Contact your doctors and dentists to let them know you have had an issue with ID Theft.
Contact the Federal Trade Commission’s Identity Theft Hotline at 877-438-4338.  You can download a complaint form online at,  the agency’s website.
You may want to file a report with your local police department. If you do, obtain a copy of the report should you need proof of the crime later for your bank, credit card companies, etc.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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