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Brigid’s House of Hope Posted in Community Outreach | July, 2022 print friendly version

Salem Co-operative Bank through its philanthropic corporation, Salem Community Benefit, sponsored Brigid’s House of Hope Founder’s Campaign as a Brigid’s Founding Provider with a $10,000 grant in 2021. They began their mission back in 2018 and announced that as of July, they have officially opened their doors.  Salem Community Benefit provided an additional $10,000 in 2022 to assist with staffing.

Brigid’s House of Hope is a long term, transitional safe house for victims of human trafficking and exploitation.  They work with members of New Hampshire Collaborative Task Force on Human Trafficking and provide the only housing in New Hampshire specifically designed to support survivors of human trafficking.  This residential program has the capacity to house up to eight individuals on-site and up to five individuals/families in off-site apartments.  The home has staffing 24/7, state of the art security, access to medical care, mental health services and they provide the residents with support over a twelve-to-eighteen-month period as they progress through their healing and recovery.  The ultimate goal is to safely transition them back into the community with the tools and skills they have learned to become successful and self-sufficient.

We are so proud to support Brigid’s House on their mission to help individuals who have found themselves in these horrible circumstances.  Our hearts go out to the victims.  We wish them peace and success in their healing and recovery.

If you would like additional information about Brigid’s House of Hope please visit their website, or email them at

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